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In this update, AI bots now lob grenades! Bionic 1.2.1 is available online or FREE for download...

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Hello everyone. Bionic version 1.2.1 Alpha is released! Gameplay has been altered in this minor update, read changes below. Download and play Bionic 1.2.1 here...

Play on GameJolt or Itch.io

1.2.1 Alpha - Windows

Bionic 1.2.1 Alpha - Windows

1.2.1 Alpha - Mac

Bionic 1.2.1 Alpha - Mac

1.2.1 Alpha - Linux

Bionic 1.2.1 Alpha - Linux

Grenades and Bots

AI now lobs grenades they have equipped at enemies! Depending on their difficulty setting, bots will occasionally throw their grenade at targets they cannot reach. Additionally, frag grenades were improved. They not only do more area damage, but will check whether the player is exposed to the blast or if they're behind cover before dealing damage.

This makes bot fighting much more interesting, adding more function to AI. Now you can get behind a crate to save yourself from most grenade blasts as well.


Bullet Penetration Kills

A previous feature from 1.2.0 Alpha was bullet penetration. In this update, there's a killfeed icon for these special kills! There were also slight changes in the penetration behavior; bullets travel further after going through a wall and lose less damage.



Other Changes

  • Added respawn settings to game configuration
  • Improved melee behavior, they check a wide area for players to attack
  • Added NavMesh to Yellow map
  • Made additional bug fixes




Those were all of the changes, be sure to update your game!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!


Looks very promising! Keep up the good work!

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mattlawr Author

Thank you!

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