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Since we released the game in Early Access this October, we’ve been working hard to bring you a bunch of new content. Now, the first update is here, just in time for Christmas! Here’s the full list of what’s coming.

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Check out the Update Trailer:


First off, your heroes will be facing new challenges. With the update, we added two new mission goals to the Daily Challenges, namely:


Your heroes will have to race against time and eliminate bioweapons the AI has dropped in their area. The clock’s ticking, so you better make a run for it!


Those of you who already played the game know the third mission, where our crafty inventor, Su, has to spend an excruciating seven rounds among a horde of deadly machines and make it out in one piece. With the new update, you will also be able to play missions like that in the Daily Challenges. Watch out for reinforcements - the new enemies that will keep appearing!

If you haven’t tried our Daily Challenges yet: The Daily Challenge Mode is an extra game mode in Rise of Humanity. It will give you three randomly generated missions that change every day, with random battle conditions and characters, set in randomly chosen levels.

When in the main menu, click the Daily Challenge Mode button. What you’ll see is the missions, heroes and battle conditions chosen for the day:


The update comes with a new collection of these battle conditions, which are various factors that make completing the Daily Challenges harder or easier. For example, your heroes may come across inverted hot zones – or NOT ZONES – that will have reverse effects instead of their normal ones.

On occasion, you may face a more challenging quest with all Daily missions being engulfed in a mysterious fog of war, hiding all those deadly enemies from your sight. And if you’re (very) unlucky, it might just become easier to wake up those nasty enemies…

There’s also gonna be a brand new battle condition that has your allies get a completely random deck of cards - so better put your tactical skills to work!

To summarize, these are the new battle conditions coming with the update:

  • Fog of War: All missions in the Daily Challenges have fog of war.
  • Visionary: Enemies' wakeup range is larger.
  • Not Zones: All hot zones have inverted effects.
  • 52 Pickup: Your allies get a random deck of cards.


The update has a bunch of new battle goals as well. These are various objectives your heroes must complete to gain skill points. Here’s the list of what you can expect:

  • Floor is Lava: Step on a set number of hot zones.
  • Omnivore: Attack a set number of enemies.
  • Lily-Livered: Disengage from a set number of enemies.
  • Party Pooper: Get a set number of debuffs on an enemy.
  • Pretty Pushy: Push or pull allies, enemies, and deployables a set number of hexes.


We also have rain, snow, and other weather conditions in the environments, such as these ones:

And that’s not all.


From now on, we’ll literally turn a card of yours into gold every time you beat the Daily Challenges!
The gold cards will look like this one:

And needless to say, you get to keep them after the holidays as well!


We will also have a Special Limited Edition animated card for people who have the Early Access or purchase it during the Steam Winter Sale (from 22 December until 5 January).

It will look like this:

Don’t forget, you must log in to the game from 22 December until 5 January to get this special card!


A special surprise for streamers: the first Rise of Humanity update comes with a possibility to connect to Twitch so your viewers can vote on which card you choose in the game!

We also made tweaks, optimizations, bug fixes and other small additions. Many thanks for your help and feedback on these, much appreciated!

But that’s not all. Rise of Humanity is taking part in the Steam Winter Sale as well, with a 20% discount from 22 December until 5 January.

We’re pretty excited about this update and we hope you are too! Let us know how you like all these new additions in the comments or join our Discord to discuss it with the community!

Stay tuned, ‘cause we’ll be back with new updates (soon). Until then, happy holidays and have fun slaying those nasty robots!

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