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* Updates - Music: 5 original compositions. - Improved Perfomance. From 25 FPS to 40 FPS * Expected Future Updates - Replace all character 3d models. - New levels. - Skilltree to be rebalanced * State of the game - Game development is slow. I have to focus on my CIMA accounting qualification. * Thank you for playing, please provide feedback!

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* The game now features music. This includes original compositions that add to the atmosphere and player engagement. More to come!

* Performance: There has been significant performance improvement from 25 to 40+ FPS.

Expected future Updates

* All free EPIC assets will be replaced with orginal art. I have hired a 3d model artist and working towards enemy character models

* Magic and Skill tree rebalance: I intend to re-haul the entire skill tree system .The intent is that each skill upgrade will change gameplay significantly and allows player to makes choices on how the game is played. This is not the case now.

* Level design: Level design will take higher priority. Knowing the game is rather stable I can start building levels. In total I am looking towards 4 episodes with 4 levels each. Currently there are only 3 levels completed. Problem is I am becoming better at it and going back to my original levels, I want to redo them all from scratch because they look so amateurish.. but I do not have time for that at the moment...

State of the Game

Updates will be sparse and fewer in between. Reason is I am not a video game developer... I am an accountant working towards my CIMA qualification. This is very difficult, requires commitment and sacrificing personal time on top of the long hours in the office. However, as much as I love game development, I really need to focus on completing my qualification. Learning UE4 and game development principles is fun, but it takes so much of my already non existing free time. I intend on going back to it and completing it in the next 3 years (pending exam progression)

Thank you

I am quite proud of the gamse so far. I want to thank all who tried and tested SHISMA. This is a passion project and I am still learning. if you want to help, please provide feedback at: neverbomb@hotmail.com

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