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A new release of Asteria is available. It should auto-update next time you run the game. * All content thru tier Tier 6 are in the game and fully play tested. (That's five dungeons that are now finished and ready to go.) * You can hold the primary blaster charge, and it won't blow up anymore. * Overhauled and updated recipes and crafting. * A lot of fine tuning of enemies and drops.

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Release Notes:

Dirt Eater Graphics
Implemented Dirt Eater and Creator images.
Refined item recipies.
Fixed ItemCategory order.
Made grass mining drop dirt.
Fixed component for listing.
Removed Forge, CyberForge and Bessemer Converter.
Tweaked recipes and enemy spawn levels.
Turned off tier upgrade at night in overworld.
Make overworld night enemies equal player tier.
Fixed overworld mass spawning.
Increased overworld spawn rate.
Improved recipes.
Remove door open broadcasts.
Added power core reward to harpy.
Lives showing correctly in multiplayer.
Grey out uncraftables.
Fixed Intro Story Size
Updated credits.
Turned down lasers.
Added 1ups to monster drops.
Fixed multiplayer enemy hit blink.
Harpy Graphics
Light Drone and Mining Drone resized.
Worked on harpy.
Updated Maps.
Lowered skyboss difficulty.
Additional Skyboss work
Few enemy renames.
More work on harpy and skyboss.
Updated skyboss map
1 Up Hud.
Finished Harpy
Stopped merging combat text.
Fixed map generation portals.
Implemented Life Counter.png
Removed overcharge explosion from blaster.
Removed Ground Troopers
Added Spitters
Fixed problem with waypoint position not getting cleared when different world file is loaded.
Fixed Sandtrap Oberon.map
Added particles to crystalline.
Updated CaveDive.Map
Turned combat text merging back on for pickups.
Added Spikes to Cavedive fall
Worked on acid boss.
Improvements to acid boss.
Acid Boss: Renamed, removed shooting, increased health, sort target POIs.
Removed acid boss Projectile
OberonBoss overhaul
Removed water map.
Renamed BurrowBoss.Map to Burrower.Map
Slowed down acid boss.
Acid boss drops acid.
Acid boss loot.
Added Chest/Exit to OberonBoss.Map
Playtested with Boss Acid Drop
Fixed OberonBoss pathing
Removed unwanted 'Safe' points
Acid boss drops more acid!
Fixed platform dropping.
Fixed ResetOnDieCheck bug.
Increased acid damage.
Fixed Platform, Exit Portal, Pathing on OberonBoss.map
Added Burrower Boss
Implemented Burrower movement.
Updated Burrower.Map
Tweaked high tier recipes.
Added Chests to CaveDive.Map
Fixed Harpy Boss fight.

If the game doesn't doesn't update automatically, you can always find the latest build at Store.playasteria.com

The official forum thread for this release is at Forum.playasteria.com

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