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This weeks update, with.. well, yea a *video* and some new building updates.

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Phew, now that I have that over and done with, I can talk about the BFD mod tongue.gif.

Alleluia, Aydynbek AND Bullet.Designer have made a return.
Now with bullet, Bullet, (no particular order, of coruse) the Ordos CY and Palace. Yea, we're now working on the third side as we have more or less all others nearly completed for a first release.

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Reborn (the guy) has begun working on our own LE files, for the mappers and our own client Game.exe. This means we can finally get a working internal alpha.

Please welcome Rufrky, the legendary APB vehicle modeler.
He has begun working on our harvester.

If you thought last weeks video was too big to download(or you CBA, which I'de agree with) you can use this youtube link (via ModDB).
It's harder to read out the stuff I say, (which shows what goes where), then the downloaded version, but you might be able to make it out.

One more thing.

 Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 640 ] - Click to view full image

I bagged the 1337 post in the Spam Forums. I totally disagree with spam, but wth....?

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I have aquired an extra gig or RAM, so I'm fairly happy, but with my Mock GCSE's nest week, they cancel each other out :|
FW-Wolf has been doing stuff.... (he logged off, so I couldn't find out what).
Bullet.Designer AND Aydynbek have both returned, with Bullet finishing some of his exams.
It's Aydynbeks Birthday to him, so wish him a big one.
MajorK has started skinning various stuff, so keep an eye out for that smile.gif

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 Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 640 ] - Click to view full image


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