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Post news RSS Update #8: Attacking, respawning, and a whole lot more!

The 8th update of O'ink! This update features the beginnings of enemy AI behavior, attacking, player attacking, and much more!

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Ahoy fellow ingrates!

We are here with another update to our beloved title, O'ink! While we've been gone a month, that's far better than a years absence! This month has been one of the most productive months developmentally by far. Last update I mentioned that we had added two new members to our team; both absolutely fantastic programmers. With their assistance, as well as the team as a whole, we've been able to achieve aspects of this game that we have been stumped on for years.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a rat!

  • Enemy AI has long since been the vice of this team. We have had many previous iterations that have fallen to be less than stellar and ultimately scrapped. With the assistance of Justin and Carlos, we've been able to completely reinvent the system.
  • Currently we have been able to mostly complete the first fodder enemy of the game, Miner Mouse! This little guy is pretty pathetic as he's easy to kill and doesn't hit very hard, but he doesn't know that! As of now he can...
    • Patrol the set area at random with varying speeds and animations.
    • Detect the player
    • Pursue the player in a running sprint
    • Strike the player with its attack, dealing damage and knocking the player backwards.
    • Can kill the player and force them to respawn quite awkwardly.
    • Can be attacked and killed
  • As of now his death animation was corrupted and lost, so we've got to make that sexy animation once more, but not to worry. It wont take us a year!

Combat System

  • The player is now not completely defenseless. We can't have our main protagonist go out like a wimp, now can we? With the rising threat of a tiny rat, we had to even the playing field.
    • The player can now actually attack. When the left click button is selected, the attack animation will play. Not only does he twirl, but he does so with a bad to the bone, state of the art, straight outta-blender stylized baseball bat!
    • The players attack can now deal damage and defeat enemies.
    • The player abilities of ground slam, headbutt charge, and picking up/throwing objects is currently in development both artistically and code wise. More on that in the next update!
    • Chain attacks are also in development.

Don't rework yourself to death

  • As said in the previous update, we had to completely rewrite most of the game. Well, we had to do that yet again. With the new addition of absolutely phenomenal programmers, we have been completely rewriting nearly every aspect of the game. We promise, this is the last time! The project is now extremely organized and aspects such as combat, enemies, level creation, and other assorted goodies are much better organized and methodically thought out.
    • The movement system is now exponentially smoother. We often got a lot of grievances over the movement system feeling too "slidey" as well as being too "floaty" when airborn. Well, we fixed that! Gone are the days where Max and Tedwin run around like they're on Uranus ( the planet, not you ). They both now function to be a lot more grounded in their movement and jumping.
    • Movement is now much more precise. Beforehand it was extremely difficult to do tight maneuvers, that issue is now resolved.
    • We also added a secondary truffle, a black truffle of chocolatey goodness worth not one, not two, but five truffles! While it wont be as commonplace as the white truffle worth a value of one, you'll still see this tasty confectionery quite often in the world of O'ink.


More like a game

  • With the overhaul in both talent and reworks came a completely new initialization system. There is now a nice loading screen prompt when different scenes load, along with various other treats.
    • The game now saves and tracks progress. You can now play the game and save your progress as well as keep track of all of your statistics, if you're into that. Through death by a rat's axe, or jumping off the world because you just felt like it, your progress will be saved.
    • A respawn system is now functional and operates smoothly. When you do decide to end it all, you'll pop right back into the game with the scene reloaded. We won't let you go that easy!
    • There are now three load slots per every game. This is subject to change.
    • You can now exit the level and go back to the main menu to load a new game or start a new one once more.

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  • We haven't neglected one of the five senses, we promise! Between updates we have been able to make a lot of strides by way of sexy soundtracks and effects!
    • We now have sound effects for walking, attacking, dying, special item collection, and more!
    • We have an additional four soundtracks composed by Mark Messer. All of which are absolutely fantastic and make the game that much more engaging.

VFX and 3D models

  • Of course we talked about not neglecting one of the senses, and while we think we've visually pleased you quite a bit, the joy doesn't end there!
    • We have over 50 different visual effects now for attacking and taking damage.
    • We now have over 15 new particle effects for specific item collections.
    • We now have visual tool tip arrows for the directionally challenged to help them through our painfully linear test level.
    • We now have visual effects for respawning and saving.
  • We've also added nine new environmental 3D models to the Cavern level.
  • We've also implemented six new character animations.

That's pretty much it folks

Thank you to everyone who has consistently supported us throughout our development cycle. While not very numerous in number, we have consistently garnered attention from quite a few folks who have supported us up to this point. We are very excited to continue to make great strides of progress and deliver the fun game we all want to make! We will be showcasing our game at a few live, in person game venues later in 2019, more details on that later.

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for game footage and information! You can do so by clicking here.

Download: Not Yet Available

Click here to see the last update!


-The Crew

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