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So almost done now, suprising its taken so long, lots of set backs new scenes and other random little bits and pieces made.

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Here is the latest update featuring all the details for the current changes to Armored Core : Limit Release.

Don`t forget you can find updates fast either on this page in the gallery & video section or on Youtube.com

So hello again everyone,

I know its been 2 weeks since I last updated, and even the last update wasnt too amazing so in this update I am going to go over the details of what has been going on, especially since I have left you all out of the loop for so long.

After finishing up what I thought at the time was all the shots for the animation and getting them uploaded to our FTP I sent out a test version of the animation to a couple of people, the feedback I got was good but at the same time there ended up being points that just didnt make sense. I was missing some smaller scenes that would have made the entire thing flow better over all, so I went back and filmed them I even went as a far as creating more effects and trying to add dynamic lighting to everything but the problem was it was taking too long to render out in UDK, so I ended up scrapping the dynamic lights and new effects that would have looked cool but pushed production back probably another few days at most.

Then after putting the new scenes together I tried to upload them to the FTP, but we have been having problems with it so I have been waiting for the right conditions for quite a while to get the files uploaded onto it, aswell as this I have been looking at the last scene and I was trying to figure out a better ending than the one I currently have.

The current ending is a complete failiure, its a poorly done sequence that just ends abruptly so I have been working on it alot, I have been looking at alot of reference material from various animes and I am at the point of animating it all together now, once that is done the entire thing is complete.

At the moment as things stand its taking extra time because "Party Grunt" the guy that offered to help me edit the video has alot of things to do, a part time job, University and alot of study work so he only really works on this when he has free time, but I still appreciate it obviously things are going slow but its fine as things are starting to get put together while I am busy working on the last scene.

Till next time



Thanks for the update. Take your time. I'm in no hurry to see unfinished work...
Everything you have posted is top notch, so I know you will make the right decisions.
Keep up the hard work!

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Cool you are still working on it! You know what would be just as interesting as the final product? -A making of. Something to inspire.

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Moodydave Author

Ok definately gonna take that into account and probably do one of those :D

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