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Steam Greenlight Update / Facebook Page / More Info

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Time for an update!

Ever since the release of Dead Loop on IndieDB, we received a TON of support on Steam - literally didn't expect such a big boom there. The game got to top 100 in less than two days, with amazing stats - surpasses the average top 50 game stats by a lot! Average yes/no ratio for top 50 games is about 53%, while Dead Loop's yes/no ratio is a whooping 71%! See for yourself!


Kickstarter needs more loving!

kickstarter logo light

Our Kickstarter campaign isn't doing as well, however. We changed and tweaked some little things here and there, and we believe it's now a bit more likable (the fact that we added a DRM-free option for backers was something we should've done in the first place, but oh well). If you'd like to check it out, click on the huge KICKSTARTER logo.

A Brand New Facebook Page!

A new place, in which we will be posting regular updates and we will connect with our fans even better! Wooo! Click on the facebook logo to get there!


New Versions Left And Right!

If you happen to encounter any bugs/glitches, please report them to us ASAP. We are trying to make a working build as well, along the greenlight + kickstarter campaigns. It's getting overwhelming at times, but we love it! Let us know if you spot anything weird or out-of-place though!

Let's Play!

We strongly encourage everyone that has an YouTube channel to make a video of Dead Loop and to share it with us! We would LOVE to see you play our game and give us real-time feedback. If not, simply sharing the game with a friend of yours would go a long way ^_^ Thank you very much for helping us!

That's pretty much it!

We'll be posting more updates as the time comes. For now, that should be it. If we've learnt one thing from this whole kickstarter + greenlight duo experience, it would be that we need to be more active in social networks. That's why we're really kicking it up a notch - we will be posting frequently now - promise! Anyway, until next time!

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