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I'm getting pretty anxious to move this along, looking for people to help out.

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Hello everyone, I know just the other day I put out an article so think of this as more of an add-on to the previous piece I wrote up. I want to stress that I've hit a bit of a wall between my experience and what is required. I simply don't have the time to learn every branch of modding and could really use some assistance. I'm not "hiring" anyone this is by no means a professional company, I just have a concept of something that could easily be achieved with the right work and effort.

TL;DR I simply need some friendly people who are willing to help out a bit. Any work will be directly credited so come be a part of the team!

If interested in helping in the creation of this here mod you can put in a request to join here.

Let it be known that just because can't get people doesn't mean I won't make the mod, I just don't have great time to learn how to do every last thing. This is not in any way some kind of loss or waning in progress, this is how it's been from the start (not too long ago). It would be more appropriate to say I haven't started work yet than say I'm quitting (neither of which are true)!

The following are areas I could use assistance in

(All are needed but I can fill in if forced to by a lack of help with enough time)


  1. Modeller (Please please please)
  2. Advanced Coding (Message for specifics)
  3. Texturer (Got this down for the most part but help is appreciated)

Really appreciate the comments guys, it's my main motivation when I look at this page. I'd love to hear all your suggestions for the mod, even if they are completely ridiculous and impossible I look forward to hearing from you all.

Folleri-de-dom, de- daerai diddero Folleri-de-dom, domme daerai dae :^)

The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!

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