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PHX2 ~ Version two of PhoeniX-Storms, one of the largest model packs for Garrysmod, has just been released.

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Version two of PhoeniX-Storms, one of the largest model packs forGarrysmod, has just been released. This version contains around 40 new models, and has been updated to fully work with Garrysmod without the use of override. You can download the PhoeniX-Storm Model Pack 2 here.


Fixed NPCs doing no damage to each other
Fixed rare crash when seeing another player exit a vehicle
Fixed loading screen file countdown not working on non Lua files
Minimized the amount of duplicate models in modelprecache string table
Fixed crash when starting map c0a0
Fixed crash on d1_trainstation_04 in multiplayer
Fixed crash when typing in Japanese
Fixed rare server physgun crash
Model browser is now threaded, tree more accurate
Toolmenu now creates con commands for binding (tool_balloon, tool_rope etc)
Fixed crash when generating spawnicons on some models
Fixed slightly broken reload logic (exposed in the CS pump shotgun) (Thanks Devenger)
Fixed ammo displaying wrong when weapons first given
Fixed gauss gun dissapearing when duplicating Jeep
Added "Garry's Mod" root folder to model browser
Fixed innacuracy in usermsg:WriteLong()
Fixed Lua threading issues when client disconnects
player_manager.AddValidModel is no longer local
Fixed string.Explode infinite loop
Fixed GetNetworkedAngle returning a vector if the entity doesn't exist (fixes duplicator errors in MP)
Can now only type numbers into the numberwang control
RunConsoleCommand now automatically converts " in args to '
Fixed constraints caps issues (Thanks Jinto)
Vector() and Angle() now accept string based numbers (in line with previous versions)
Fixed player:Armor() not working clientside
Removed some unused Lua file

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