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In this update we present some of the vehicles that will populate our hub level, plus some light rays and a guard losing his head (and more).

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Welcome back to another update!

This week work continued on the trailer, more specifically we are striving to make the various locations feel as polished as possible - of course they are really just tiny level mockups using unfinished tilesets and missing tons of props and such, but that’s why we are kickstarting the game after all ^_^

With that in mind, we added some light rays to the sewer level:

User Posted Image

Furthermore no red light district would be complete without some hustle and bustle, so Amor’s Den will get its own traffic, both pedestrian and motorized:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The point I mentioned above regarding locations stands for enemies as well, of course we have plenty of concepts and ideas, but most of them remained to be produced. However we didn’t want people watching the trailer to think that the game only features robots for enemies, so we added an enemy guard.

The only problem was that we really wanted to show him dying in battle, but we don’t have “death animations” yet, and because of our paperdolling system, creating new animations is a somewhat lengthy process.

Here’s how we’re getting around that one:

User Posted Image

And that wraps up this week’s update, I hope everybody enjoyed it!

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