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Good news everyone! Thanks to our wonderful crew of community volunteer developers, Update 27 has been wrapped and released! Going into the volunteer program we weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew development was much too slow and something had to be done, and we sure are glad we took a chance and accepted some help.

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Update 27 - To Hell and Back

Update 27 - To Hell and Back
Good news everyone!

Thanks to our wonderful crew of community volunteer developers, Update 27 has been wrapped and released! Going into the volunteer program we weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew development was much too slow and something had to be done, and we sure are glad we took a chance and accepted some help.

Now that we have a better idea what the volunteers are capable of and how to manage volunteers rather than regular employees, we plan on more frequent updates in the future.

We’ll need to upgrade the Unity engine sooner rather than later. Our current engine version is the 2 year old 5.1.3 released August 2015, and by upgrading we’ll be able to utilize all the new and improved features, graphical and performance benefits of an up-to-date version of Unity.

We’re also very focused on getting more weapons and tactical features into the game and we also really want to expand the AI of our enemy Combat Training Robots, to make them much more intelligent and challenging; with the AI teaming up playing SP/COOP/Wargames with strategy and tactics.

We’ll update Trello the second we know what we’ll focus on for Update 28.

Your small team and awesome volunteer army at Zero Point Software

Interstellar Marines - Update 27(0.5.27 - Revision 1354)
Platforms available, 32-bit & 64-bit
Windows, Linux, OSX

Changelog for Update 27
What's New
ADDED 64 Bit support for all platforms.
ADDED Tactical Reload.
ADDED 2 light modes (dark/light) to GKBB controlled by a power box & other changes.
ADDED New AR03 Firing sound.
ADDED New OS-1 Pistol Firing sound.
ADDED Support for arrow keys bindings and quality of life changes to the skin menu!
ADDED 10 random Bullet Whiz sounds from Running Man into Marine 1P impact sound list, until we get a proper bullet whiz system implemented
ADDED CheckIfMinAndMaxValuesMatch to IntelligenceBase to eliminate unnecessary calculations
ADDED New Suppressor_2_A model iteration 1, added materials and created Suppressor_2_A.prefab
ADDED Support for CTR's spotting targets with their flashlights.

UPDATED CTR defective, SMG and AR with changes made by Tanner, they're much more reactive and precise now
UPDATED HP for defective (melee) decreased so all CTR's will die if hit in the head, and done some general normalization of the HP on the body parts
UPDATED Movements speed of CTR SMG and AR, so SMG is faster in patrol (walk) and assault (run) and the AR is a bit slower in patrol and assault
UPDATED Get Killed By Bots map with more accurate Navigation mesh and CTR teams 1 and 2 is now White vs Black (no political agenda intended), it was just the two CTR skins most different to each other ;)
UPDATED InputManager.cs to fix the controller firing bug
UPDATED AR Aiming noise time increased from 0.75 to 0.8, equal with SMG
UPDATED SMG Recoil Aim scale reduced from 0.9 to 0.75, equal with AR
UPDATED SMG Breath/noise bob aim ratio lowered from 1 to 0.5, equal with AR
UPDATED Welcome Mission scene with adjusted suppressor pickup prefab and change so you only get one (to share between weapons)
UPDATED Sandbox scene with Arsenal locker + 3 suppressor pickup prefabs.
UPDATED All weapon prefabs to accept new Suppressor prefab
UPDATED Suppressor Pickup to present the Suppressor_2_A model
UPDATED CTR AR/SMG Accuracy values changed
UPDATED Fixed values related to spinning CTR, fixed reaction time
UPDATED Increased pistol ADS recoil scale
UPDATED Reduced AR reload speed to be more consistent with SMG
UPDATED AR and SMG prefab lurch values
UPDATED Made CTR's identification of targets less random and more consistent.
UPDATED CTR SMG/AR accuracy values making them more accurate.
UPDATED increased SMG ammo capacity to 32 and SMG ammo pickups to 32.
UPDATED increased SMG burst mode to 4 rounds.
UPDATED Get Killed By Bots with two different light settings to test CTR’s new ability to “detect/see” players with their flashlight. (Cycle the light switch to re-illuminate red lights that get shot out).
UPDATED Skin menu with new quick select option (Select and stay in the menu or HOLD CTRL to exit as soon as you select a skin).
UPDATED SMG, AR and Pistol with slightly less FOV change for added realism (until we can simulate sight magnification)
UPDATED Recoil lurch V3 system.
UPDATED CTR's spotting targets with their flashlights.UPDATED SMG ammo capacity to 32, ammo pickups to 32.
UPDATED Minor tweaks in lens flare distance. (visible from a bit further away and close up)
UPDATED Lighter ammo and weapon crate interiors.
UPDATED Defective and Guard CTR damage values updated to correspond to player's.
UPDATED Defective CTR body and limb damage values halved, head shot now 1 hit kill.
UPDATED Weapon recoil values adjusted.
UPDATED Smaller camo patterns for purchasable ZPS created camo skins.
UPDATED Increased the length of the mouse setting scroll reticle so all options fit in all resolutions.
UPDATED NGI CTR medical cross to green, resolving a Geneva Convention compliance issue.
UPDATED Reload mechanics with CTR animation controller.
UPDATED Ammo counter sights optimization.
UPDATED Supply crate Pre-fab updated for more exact placement and new aligned pickup locations.
UPDATED Suit Systems to properly work with reload sound.

OPTIMIZED recoil view rotation calculations by disabling them unless weapon is being fired.(except in semi-auto mode it always calculates when fire button is hold down)
OPTIMIZED exhaustion view rotation calculations by disabling them when not needed

FIXED canceling suppressor attach, when quickly hitting the key multiple times.
FIXED Ammo counter visible through everything.
FIXED Client not knowing it had suppressors.
FIXED Multiplayer suppressor bug when equipping and unequipping super-fast.
FIXED Revive attachment poof bug.
FIXED Semi-auto aim slow rise.
FIXED Random no recoil bug on burst mode.
FIXED Weapon swap with alpha keys.
FIXED Weapon swap using d-pad on gamepad.
FIXED UI not showing at certain resolution.

We will continue utilizing the ITO tester program to test progress on upcoming updates.

To become an ITO tester join our official Discord server and post “!Enlist ITO Tester” in the role-requests channel. Then you'll receive access to the ITO testing announcements where you’ll find the code to unlock the beta branch in Steam.

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