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News, website and update 26 are available on Steam.

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I miss to share updates here. We have a website now here. Follow us on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! :D

Update 26.

-Mission 04 "Minsk": Rework position of resources and the yellow entities position to have the place to build.
-Mission 04 "Minsk": Fix yellow units where they attack player units.
-All maps: Rework lights and post process.
-All maps: Add road textures and delete road objects.
-All maps: rework grass.

-Update with new logo.

-Rework model of all buildings to have theme and consistency. Poles use long military tent. Russians use camo net and Germans use prefab buildings.
-Rework color player element for all buildings to have a principal element with the player color.
-Rework the night mode with better light intensity and position.
-Rework build steps of all buildings.

-Mastodon: Add logo in the barrack when unit updated.
-Sniper Ghilli: Add logo in the barrack when unit updated.
-Tank RU: new 3D model.
-Jeep PL: New 3D model for the turret.
-Jeep GER: New 3D model for the turret.
-Armoured Support FR: New 3D model for the turret.
-Rework all vehicles model with props to have more realistic vehicles.
-Rework player color object position and quantity to reduce to one object for the turret and two for the body with a maximum of three.

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