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Some necessary changes before the Trade update is launched.

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Hi there,

We wanted to launch the changes below with the Trade system, but we have decided to launch them now so that we can tune them during the next update if necessary.

  • New castles with Warlocks and Black Knights! Along with a new secret quest.
  • The Hunter vocation had a spell that was implemented wrong. The "Focus" type spells are now more aligned with the strength of other vocations.
  • Norde is now accessible from level 40 instead of 60.
  • Because some players were blocking the paths to some dungeons, the following changes were made:
    • Some bosses now have level gates.
    • The paths leading to some dungeons were modified to accommodate more players.
    • The "Jump" spell now works if you jump into a stair or door.
    • There is a new "Swap" spell, which you can use in an ally player to swap positions. And some bosses will use it to
    • Mobs will wait until you leave their vision range to respawn. This change is also to make it harder to use "tasker software" to cheat.
  • The items in NPCs were revamped, and they may sell some extra goodies and may have different prices for some items.
  • All bosses now will see invisible players. Remember that invisibility also helps to block physical hits.
  • Some extra Bulls and Humanoid Octopuses were added to the map.
  • Some User Interface changes:
    • You will be able to choose the viewport (resolution) for the windows and menus on Android.
    • Added a small icon when the menu status changes. For example, when you get a new loot the loot menu will show it.
    • Fixes some bugs when looking at items info (please use the 2.4.8 version and onwards).
    • Chat will blink when receiving a message.
    • You can see the creatures you are attacking status.
    • The Android app is now full screen, removing the menu (which you can access by swapping left).

Many complained about the blocking of paths and stairs. That is not against the rules, it is a flaw in the gameplay and we are actively thinking about how to fix that. For the PvP, we will still carefully think on it after we launch Trade, so please be patient!

And here is a little spoiler for the Warlocks Maze:

Best regards,

Bruno & the ViVa team

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