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:), as not promised, I brought you update #2, featuring.. stuff...

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This week has been an exicting, but in its own, a slow week.

We've had two new comers, please welcome BogdanV and Reborn.

BogdanV is nutorious for his Level Edit skills, and can do anything in it known to man.

Reborn is a revolutionary coder, who can probably do more then even know to man.

Although NOT in the mod, Scrin has shown us what he will base the HUD on.


Obviously, we won't be using Renegade textures, but that proves that Scrin is a great skinner also, in which he will be helping with also, we would like your feed back on what we call that that "Uber HUD".

Staude has been working hard to finish the devastator, but sandly we have no screenshots of anything this week, well, we would, only i discovered somthing quite LOL.

This is our refinery, and you guessed it, im standing on it.


And finally, this is the interior of our Ref, by Aydynbek .(not all the interior, just a small room downstairs).

Ref interior

_____________ ___________________________ ____________________________ _____________________

Thats all for this week, hope to cya next week, which should include a video of the Ref interor, and some new Scrin, BogdanV and Reborn material.


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