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The weekly update where we present to you what we have done on Turf Wars this past week.

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This week we mostly worked on building up our social media base and to set up a system to keep you guys posted at all times. Some changes were done on the map as well as on the characters and the way they move and control. We posted a gameplay video showing off the premise and how the game plays with 3 players. We worked more with making a destructible environment with creating destructible boxes and a roof collapse.

Here are some of the things we did this week:

  • Added cinematic tutorial
  • Added gamepad menu navigation
  • Menu improvements
  • Added melee mechanic
  • Changed the aim mechanic
  • Added air drop sound
  • Changed tank top letter font
  • General polishing (textures, particles, sounds)
  • Added collapsing roof and scaffolding

For next week we hope to finish up most of the things we have left on our high priority list and post a small trailer showing off all the aspects of the game.

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