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New textures and effects for a better experience !

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New textures, new effects, improved AI

Hello everyone,

The game experience is enriched with new textures, new effects, improved AI!
Why rework these visual aspects? The goal is to give HoMBB its own identity by giving it a unique vegetation and effect. Indeed, the vegetation is very present on all the maps and did not correspond to the artistic direction I wanted for the game. Just like the effects of fire, smoke and explosion too stylized. I wanted a "Toon" rendering but in realistic proportions. For example, the fire cube didn't fit. Now we find a better harmonization of the elements between them.

- Strategic Point: Design modification.
- Strategic Point: New capture animation to inform about the capture time.


- Population: Correction of a population reset problem when an improvement has been made.
- AI : Improvement :

  • Base construction correct.
  • Military unit construction.
  • Commit and assist when an AI unit is attacked.
  • Use medical units.
  • Base defense.

- Cantina: Modification of the manufacturing radius around the trucks from 4 to 5 units facilitating the installation of the building.
- Cantina : Added a selection sound.
- All buildings : Added of "destroyed" models after the death of the buildings.
- All buildings : Added explosion effects when the building is destroyed.
- All buildings : Changed the time after destruction: HQ & Barracks = 60 sec / Buildings = 30 sec / Defenses = 1 sec.

- Sapper: Modification of build sounds.
- Technician: Repair of the automatic construction when the unit is close to a building to be built.
- Medic: Repair of the automatic care and the calculation of the care distance.
- Combat/collect drone: Enlarging the size of the model.
- Combat/collect drone: Added speed modification when passing in "open" areas (water, tall grass).
- Battle Drone: New texture.


- Collection Drone: New texture.


- Vehicles: Added speed change when passing through "open" areas (water, tall grass).
- Vehicles: Fixed "target position" positions that were causing detection problems.

- Rework of the fire effect.

(New | Old)

- Rework of the black smoke effect.

(New | Old)
smoke effect

- Rework of the white smoke effect.

(New | Old)
smoke effect white

- Rework of the explosion effect (Big, medium, small, drone).

Environnement :
- Rework of the vegetation texture.

(New | Old)

We have a new website here : Whackysquadstudio.com
New gameplay video and trailer too !

Good game to all,

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