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New update on HERO: Started work on dungeon, created GUI, and much more!

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Hello once again! It's been a long time, hasn't it? Sadly I didn't do as much as I wanted this month, cause I was sick for a week. Oh well. :) I've been hard at work on HERO, and have quite a bit of stuff to show you! Yaaass!

The First Dungeon

So. I made a dungeon! At last! Here's how I got there:
First I sketched a design concept - this dungeon is kinda like a tutorial, so it's meant to be very simple:


Looks dumb, but hey it worked! After this, I blocked everything out with BSP, then replaced those with meshes created in Blender. Then I added decor, and cleaned everything up! Here is the final draft of Plains_Dungeon_01!

Screenshot 104 1
Parkour to the Entrance!

Screenshot 105
The Dungeon :O

Screenshot 106
Switch rotates the bridge!

Screenshot 107
Get box, and rotate all the way around to put box on button!

Screenshot 108
...Which opens the door! Huzzah!

Main Menu + GUI

I also created a major update on the main menu! I created a system that detected what area you are in in the game, and load a certain map for each one! I also used ZioYuri78's amazing Main Menu GUI (here) to create this beauty:

Main Menu, Village

The GUI also is used in-game! It allows you to change graphic options, controls, and audio settings... currently game settings do not work. I'll get to that sometime soon :D

Started work on "OldMansHouse"

I also blocked out a new sublevel, the Old Man's House Interior. The bookcase is moved by a switch the old man uses, which leads to the Staff Room. More on this later. Here's a couple of shots:

Starting Launcher + First Working Build

I'm currently in the midst of working on the Beta Launcher, which will be used by friends + testers to download the newest updates from my game. Sadly it's not working yet, but hey that's life.
I also got an actual executable running, which is awesome! I sent it to a couple of friends and it ran, so that's a good step. Sadly, after updating my project to UE4 4.11, I can no longer build without errors. :(

Other Minor Updates

Here's a list of new features:
- Created a "StaticHuman", which allows me to throw a human down with a special animation, and change the color of their skin, pants, and shirt. I'll use this for decoration in the Village, as well as the City of Merchants
- Made a credits system, which lets me add people real quick like. :D
- More in-depth AI system
- Started save system
- Updated project to UE4 4.11
- New Font!
- I'm currently designing a little team of characters that you see every once in a while... kinda meant to be a tiny side story. Here's 2 of those little guys: (Sorry about my terrible drawing skills)


Final Thoughts

It's been productive, yet not. I've only made one dungeon out of many, many more... I need to focus much more on that. :D The storyline has been redesigned and redesigned, so I'll be releasing more info on that soon. I hope to gain more ground this month, and post many new updates! Thank you so much for reading, and please track if you're interested! Have a wonderful day!


Final comment?
This have to be shitiest game from all 3D games on this site.
How long it took you to put these lazy assets together?
It doesn't matter if you put them just for testing purpises,
but it still shame to show for "fan" basess this shity compilation.
Take your appreciation under your "ego wings".

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joshcamas Author

hahaha I'll keep that in mind thanks for the support :D

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Wow......just wow.....I really hope that is sarcasm. Ever heard of creative freedom?

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This hate makes no sense lol.

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lol where does this hate come from

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