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Update 18.8Major Battle Animation Update!!! (2/3)All Battle Animation for Z's are Updated! ​New Security and Garage POI!NEW Chance at Survival Situation!

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Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 18.8

  • Major Battle Animation Update!!! (2/3)

    • All Battle Animation for Z's are Updated! ​

  • New Security and Garage POI!

  • NEW Chance at Survival Situation!

    • There is now a chance power will be turned off in some POI's!​

  • Major Bike Update and fixes!

    • Petal, Flash and Superior bikes now include HUD!​

    • Fixes to Bike animation!

    • Superior Bikes now come with Flashlights!

  • New Bounty Quest at Security POI's!

  • New Trader in Bland Mines!

  • Traps in POI's (Coming in Update 19)

  • You can now hide in Non-Looted Boxes in Home POI Locations!

    • Hiding gives you time to get away from enemies.​

    • -Food and Water (-5) Rest (-10)

    • +1 Hour time passes

  • Generators Updated!

    • You can now restore power in POI's from Generators!​

  • New Suits Added!

    • You can not wear anything on your head, lower body or feet while in a suit!​

  • New Tunnel and Mining Bike Fast Travel Animations!

  • Adjusted multiple Home sizes!

  • Added Beds to most POI homes!

  • Adjusted Healing and sleep stats for all beds!

  • Adjusted spawn points for some enemies!

  • Update Bee(Animal) based on Biome!

  • Updated Bandit Home to include beds for sleeping!

  • Trader location in Mall now has storage container!

  • Updated Map!

  • Updated Death at Survival enemies!

  • Updated Training Area!

  • Updated Knocked Out animations!

  • Updated Reading animations!

  • Quest marker updated!

  • Updated Frostbite Icon!

  • Fixes to Gould Safehouse!

  • Bag Weight Fixes!

  • Fixes to Tunnel Bikes Durability!

  • Fixes to some outfits!

  • Demo Update with 18.8 content!

  • Coming Soon....

  • All Battle Animation for Bandits and Animals Update*(3/3)​(Coming in Update 18.9)

  • Guard NPC (Coming in Update 18.9)

  • New Pet Exploration with Taming! (Coming in Update 19)

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