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Post news RSS Update 1.60: Many improvements

an new update with improvements regroup 1.57 at 1.60

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Hi everyone, an update with improvements regroup 1.57 at 1.60


- Add: Map editor - button to use hold/simple click for add/delete
- Add: New UI with editable texts
- Improve: Sort save/load games files by date
- Improve: Sort save/load map files by date
- Improve: New outfits icons
- Improve: New buildings icons
- Improve: Use all beard/hair for each gender
- Improve: Some weapons/attachments icons
- Improve: Max zoom on minimap
- Improve: Factions doesn't craft new weapons if all members are equiped
- Improve: Prisoner UI
- Improve: Hint UI
- Change: All options in gameplay menu are transferred in sandbox menu
- Change: Revolver damages
- Change: All melee weapons damages
- Fix: Error date/hour display of save/load games files
- Fix: Error date/hour display of save/load map files
- Fix: NPC could move if talk at player
- Fix: Map editor - Warning UI keep display after test a map
- Fix: Taking prisoner inventory transfert error
- Fix: Taking prisoner doesn't wortk correctly on npc casualty
- Fix: Icon building in Hint UI
- Fix: Ironman option could not display correctly
- Fix: Master game UI overlay on others UI
- Fix: Map editor - building collision error

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