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The 15th installment of teh Battle for Dune updates! Go to our website to check out more at www.battlefordune.co.uk

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Hi and welcome to the 15th update of Battle for Dune!

The pistol is the side arm weapon all units carry in case your clip gets dry or you run out of ammo.

And heres ours
User Posted Image

A few updates back we showed you the landing pad. We have some cool internals to show you.

Here you are!
User Posted Image

Credit for this goes to Aydynbek

We have two new team members this week. Please welcome PaRaDoX who will be doing overall mod work and Halo38

Welcome to the team!

cnc95fan is busy getting killed on Call of Duty 4 while replying to me on xfire... hehe

I've been busy playing RF and Oblivion (getting addicted to RPGs is a bad thing) and applying for head of entertainment at woolworths :x

CMDBob has been busy with some sim city 2 take a look  [url="S220.photobucket.com]


Yes it time to say goodbye again! please, no tears.

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