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The 1.44 update is available and is most likely be one of the biggest updates to the game. The most significant point is the complete overhaul of the sounds for all firearms, as well as 8 different voices for your operators.

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Dear operators,

The 1.44 update is available and is most likely be one of the biggest updates to the game. The most significant point is the complete overhaul of the sounds for all firearms, as well as 8 different voices for your operators.


Each firearm now uses unique and realistic sounds. The sound mixing has been completely rethought to achieve immersive sounds in both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes. The noise of each firearm will be unique depending on the distance from the player.

Additionally, you will be able to choose the voice of your operators from 4 different male and 4 different female voices. By selecting the tone, you can now have unique voices for each of your operators.


Many players have requested the ability to add their own fictional or real patches to operators.
This will finally be possible with the arrival of this new update. To allow players to enjoy your creations,
you will be able to share all your patches in the Steam Workshop very easily. Here is an example of patches created by the player "Halacram". Fans of military TV shows will recognize these wonderful patches.

Halacram is heavily involved in creating new maps. A big thank you to him for his work, as he is currently working on a series of custom patches that will be available upon the release of the update.


In addition, a complete revision of explosive placement is under development. This new system
will allow you to place your explosives more efficiently and anywhere in the environment. You will now be able to place an explosive on a door or window to instantly clear a room. If you want to trap your opponent by placing a mine on a wall, you will have the opportunity.


To conclude, this update will improve and fix numerous elements of the game to make the experience even more immersive!

Be ready!

- Addition: Custom patches
- Addition: Share custom patches in steam workshop
- Addition: New awards - Rescue X hostages
- Addition: New awards - Capture X enemies
- Addition: New operator customization option - Voice

- Addition: New system for placing explosives and mines (simpler and more effective)
- Addition: Explosives and mines can be placed anywhere on a hard surface (floor, wall, ceiling, tree...)
- Addition: Transition of zoom when using a scope, binoculars or drone
- Addition: Disabling AA turret, scrambler, electric generator or alarm requires a specific amount of time to disarm the device
- Addition: Using or hacking a computer requires a certain amount of time to retrieve the data
- Addition: Disarming a mine requires a specific amount of time to disarm it
- Addition: Fighter jets regularly bomb the area during a "War" game mode
- Addition: Possibility to set an operator at the end of the same squad in the "Battle plan" and "Quick orders" menu
- Addition: Some fuel lanterns in training map
- Improvement: Explosives and mines placed on doors or windows inflict damage through them
- Improvement: Weight of mines and explosives
- Improvement: Enemy spawn distance with the "War" and "Siege" game modes
- Improvement: "Bag of electrocution handcuffs" has also been increased
- Improvement: The number of enemies to eliminate during a "Secure" mission automatically corresponds to the maximum possible number of enemies on the map
- Improvement: All soldiers on the battlefield in "War" and "Siege" game modes remove their suppressors
- Improvement: Optimization of memory usage when a soldier uses the automatic firing mode
- Improvement: Modification of the siege duration (shorter but more intense)
- Improvement: Adjusted the number of active lights for better optimization on the "Burnwood Mansion" map
- Fix: Collision errors of the market stalls on the "Al-Jan province" map
- Fix: Incorrect position of a grain silo on the "Enila islands - Talmio" map
- Fix: Using an explosive did not automatically assign the next identical explosive
- Fix: Using a grenade did not automatically assign the next identical grenade
- Fix: A door that had just been breached could fail to close properly
- Fix: A window that had just been breached could fail to close properly
- Fix: A half-open door did not allow a soldier to pass through properly
- Fix: Enemies and objectives could spawn in the garage near the squad's insertion point on the "Valenwood villa" map
- Fix: Selecting custom music in the "workshop" menu could cause an error depending on the chosen game map
- Fix: An operator injured after a HALO jump did not appear in the correct location
- Fix: An operator receiving an interaction order could refuse the order due to a distance error with the given objective
- Fix: Doors and windows could not be unlocked correctly near the player at the beginning of a "Prisoner of War" and "Siege" mission
- Fix: The unforeseen event of being spotted at insertion during a "War" game mode could be triggered
- Fix: Misplaced barrel on "The Compound" map

- Improvement: Position of operators during a "Breach and Clear" action before and after entering a room
- Improvement: A "Breach and Clear" action will only use operators who can position themselves near the door and enter the room
- Improvement: Rate of fire when a soldier uses semi-automatic firing mode with an assault rifle or a submachine gun
- Improvement: The enemy is more likely to trigger the alarm if given the opportunity
- Improvement: The operator's transition between door breaching and grenade throwing is smoother and more consistent
- Improvement: "Bag of handcuffs" is now called "Bag of electrocution handcuffs" and has a new description to better match the behavior of prisoners
- Fix: Some operators positioned themselves to perform a "Breach and Clear" action even though they did not have the space to execute their action
- Fix: Enemy and allied could talk without reason in "War" game mode
- Fix: Some navigation errors on the "Elegance Airport" map
- Fix: Some navigation errors on the "The Gabriel" map
- Fix: Some scripting errors

- Overhaul: Sounds for each firearm
- Overhaul: Attenuation of firearm sounds
- Overhaul: Different Post-FX editing for each firearm (EQ, Spreader, Reverb, Delay and so on)
- Addition: New male voice - Andrews (american accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Ethan (american accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Oliver (english accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Serge (russian accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Daisy (american accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Ava (american accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Suzy (english accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Olga (russian accent)
- Addition: Different sounds for each firing mode
- Addition: Different sounds from different distance for each weapon
- Addition: Different fire selector sounds for each firearm
- Addition: Different sounds of cartridges falling to the ground depending on the caliber of the firearm
- Addition: New enemy footsteps sounds allowing for easy differentiation between them and your team's footsteps
- Addition: A multitude of explanatory texts during the loading of a map
- Addition: Sound effect indicating that an operator is seriously injured and unconscious
- Addition: New firing sound for grenade launchers
- Addition: New explosion sound for flashbang grenades
- Addition: New explosion sound for frag grenades
- Addition: New sound for the smoke dispersion of smoke grenades
- Addition: New deafening sound when a flashbang grenade goes off near the ears
- Addition: New voice line - Breach
- Addition: New voice line - Door locked
- Addition: New voice line - Hack
- Addition: New voice line - Hear
- Addition: New voice line - Mission failed
- Addition: New voice line - Open door
- Addition: New voice line - Security disabled
- Addition: New voice line - Waiting orders
- Addition: New voice line - Hostage down
- Addition: New voice line - Throwing flashbang
- Addition: New voice line - Throwing smoke
- Addition: New voice line - Thank you
- Addition: New voice line - Searching
- Addition: New radio communication sounds
- Addition: Display of the player-controlled operator's name and squad icon in the HUD
- Improvement: The noise and sound propagation of firearms with silencers have improved rendering
- Improvement: The sound of enemy footsteps is much more audible to the player at short distances
- Improvement: The volume of imported music is now tied to the music volume set by the player
- Improvement: Rendering of the player's camera when firing a firearm equipped with a scope
- Improvement: The texts in the tooltips are slightly offset from the dark area
- Improvement: Many tutorial texts have been reworked
- Improvement: Global lighting of the squad deployment cinematic at the airport has been adjusted
- Removal: Explosive impacts on the ground causing visual rendering errors
- Fix: Cinematic camera movement during squad insertion into the area did not stop when photo mode was activated
- Fix: The sound effect indicating that an operator has died could be played multiple times simultaneously if several operators were killed
- Fix: Disappearance of some objects on certain maps depending on the player's camera angle
- Fix: Setting the music volume to the lowest would stop the playback of the current music
- Fix: Fuel lanterns did not properly extinguish when hit by a firearm
- Fix: Insertion cinematics might not display operators selected
- Fix: Positioning of operators in a helicopter before fast roping
- Fix: Female operators did not hold their firearms correctly in their hands in first-person view
- Fix: Several errors in texts translated into French
- Fix: Several errors of english texts

- Addition: Menu to confirm returning to the main menu to avoid accidentally quitting without saving the map
- Addition: Edit index of camera insertion
- Improvement: Explanatory texts when modifying actors
- Improvement: Font used in the entire map editor uses the same font as the rest of the game

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