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Post news RSS Update 1429 - Totally new UI, Inventory, and More!

This update gives Intruder a new look with fresh user interfaces, a revamped inventory system, and more!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Intruder update build number 1429!

This update has been a huge undertaking with almost 100(!) test builds before this final release between 1337 to this. In it we have the completely new Inventory and in-game menus and UI, along with a bunch of changes under the hood!

New Additions:

New Inventory System!

  • The puzzle grid has been replaced by a robust slot system. Carry two large items, one holster item, and 12 small pack items.
  • Ammo is now a separate item in your inventory allowing you to drop and share.
  • Use drop button or right click to drop.
  • Attachments like the red dot are now removable (removable pistol suppressor coming soon).
  • Dropped weapons will now come with their attachments.
  • Auto-attach options
  • Rebind items by clicking and pressing the slot/number key of your choice
  • Saucy descriptions for each item oooo (Thx Ry & Matt).
  • Drop item, pick up item, and defuse item sound effects added.
  • Ammo pickups added to official maps since weapons and ammo are completely separate items now
    • You cannot pick up a gun only with extra ammunition.

New in-game menus and UI!

  • Binoculars HUD revamp.

  • Objective menu with blue print maps of different floors and icon legend. Will still work with old map maker maps 4-panel style objective images.

  • Spectator view revamp with responsive control hints.

  • New player team menu and player info panels with controls and options

Behind-the-Scenes Updates

  • All new item code system under the hood should allow for *much* faster new item/gadget/weapon creation and the ability to easily modify projectiles and equipment sets via Intruder Map Maker in the near future!
  • Revamped collision, projectile, and damage systems for better consistency and easier updates.


  • Explosive damage can now affect you even when ragdolled.
  • Fly cam in spectator is now bound to both the Radio button bind and F1. (Sorry people who used 'F' for something else before!)
  • Team colors are now based on Intruder/Guard. Intruders Orange, Guards Blue.
  • You can pick up multiple attachments now to share with friends.
  • Can see binoculars and note HUD even when regular HUD is hidden now.
  • Updated tutorial map to reflect new features and inventory.


  • So much stuff cause of the system changes lol. (Nearly 100 bugs squashed!)
  • Day and Night cycle settings sync fixed.
  • Binoculars look through wall glitch fixed.
  • Scrollwheel will no longer open doors when looking through binoculars.
  • Scrollwheel scroll can no longer be bound to other keys.
  • Fixed unlinked double doors on Mountainside.

Changes will have to be made to the Intruder Map Maker in the near future to accommodate the new systems. This means a new Equipment Manager, new Objective Tab Settings manager, etc.

Thank you so much to everyone who help test and find bugs in this update. It has been a huge one but we are really happy with the results and what it means for the future of the game. Expect some new items soon!

As usual drop into our Discord server for more about the updates and development. See you there!

Find Windows and Mac versions of Intruder on Steam!

DiD yOu KnOw ThAt!?
You can play the Last Man Standing mode on Riverside by typing /lms 1 as admin/room creator.
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