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13th installment of Renegade:Battle For Dune featuing Sadaukar

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Welcome to update 13, the update that brings you the thirteenth update. tongue.gif
a major blow to the team, as Killakanz is temporarily away from modding
for personal reasons, this is a less model output and I havn't seen our
newest modeler, Foxy_Gnome....

Surprise surprise, Bullet models :>
Sadaukar Barracks.


And our lolmodel for today, the Quad, which is currently being rigged by CMDBob.


That will probably be used for testing maps.

L0R1 has been modeling turrets, but needs a bit more info about them to finish off the final details. They look quite nice wink.gif

is the BFD Config tool, coded/modified by Reborn, whom I havn't seen in
some time, so if you're still here Reborn, reply in ^^



I wanted to say, we've been on IRC for some time, but never really got the time/chance/urge to tell you.
/server irc.n00bstories.com #battlefordune

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
History of BFD.
Chapter 2.
Continuing from where we left off.....


recruited 2 forum friends to help out. The 3 of us worked hard, and
debated much over various things like how big should the buildings be?

(Early LE view of a Harkonnen base, during the building size debate)<!--QuoteEnd-->






<!--quotec-->(Atreides base at night)<!--QuoteEnd-->




Although Killakanz himself regardes those models as "fail" I personally like them ^^.

In the words of Dtrngd, :V

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