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Epic Hard Jump, a first person platformer, currently in alpha version. In this hard game, you just have to reach the end of the level. It's all ? Yes, but it won't be easy !

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Hi !

There is a new update for Epic Hard Jump !

Changelog :
-Change of the resolution of web version.
-Add fullscreen button in pause menu.
-Modifications of the pause menu (new buttons, etc.)
-Mouse now doesn’t go out of the screen in web version !
-Better menu image quality.
-Bug with the restart fixed.
-Improvements of the version text.

You can download the game on IndieDB, but also on the website !
Don’t forget to answer this poll to help me know what you want to see in next updates !

Thank you so much for your support !
If you have a question or a report, or anything else, contact me on Twitter !
You can also check the official website, now in english !

See you soon !

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