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Update bring big changes to visual style,i hope you will like it.By the way here we go:

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Update bring big changes to visual style,i hope you will like it.By the way here we go:



Model of Range Dargon was updated.

Model of Guardians was updated.

Renamed Magic Crystals to Magic Generator with new model.


Frost Ball have new Ability PASSIVE (Jemini)
Ability PASSIVE:Deals additional (50+10% of target health) magic damage to target.

Wolf Claws have new Ability PASSIVE (Jemini)
Ability PASSIVE:Target have wound what after 2 seconds deals 30 magic damage and restores Jemini health by 30.

Visual update of spell effect for Wolf Claws and Frost Ball.

Model of Selina was updated.


Fixed bug with teleport what after a few uses stopped working.

Sabre of Shadows have a new passive.
Passive:The next spell will deal (20%+10%\17%\22% of Target Max Health) mixed damage.

Active of all blades was changed.
If you have 50% you can teleport on base(Can be canceled by stun in last seconds)(Cooldown 60 sec.)


Launcher was updated.

Yes i know what a new teleport system not awesome,but from strategy side it good for escape.

I updated launcher and add status of server and news line:

Launcher version 1 0

From right side you can check your ping also i add Achievements what will be open through some time:

Cabiner 1 0

Thank you for read and wait next Weekend Battles on our servers don't miss this.

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