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Detailed features and new additions for Bannerlord Advanced

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Thank you all for your awesome ideas, i love all of them and for this im going to work on them, all of them!

Below you will see all the features i plan to add in my mod :D

1. New mercenary system and more rewarding (i will write an article about it next week)

2. 1v1 Duels with prisoners to death for less relation loss and honor gain, also AI changes related to executions

3. Calradia tournaments where all the faction lords/kings/ladies will participate (different prizes)..Will write an article on this too soon.

4. Trading, Smithing and another not warbound skills gain faster where you are at peace, and warbound skills as one-Handed etc are higher gain where player at war.(Only when u have yours pledge to kingdom or have yours kingdom).

5. Bandit schemes as a quests (Assassination for noble\lord, Castle\Town Raiding, Stealing goods\items from lord appartamentes etc) """"""""""NOT 100% YET""""""""""

6. Titles for everything.. for example: Criminal, Mercenary, Bandit and many more that you will get automatically when you will meet the requirements, for now your character title in game is noble but i want to make them different ..Each title will make you look different in front of in game characters changing dialogs and options you can do, will write an article about this feature too.

And this is it for now, i will update this regularly if i will plan to add more features!

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