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Hey guys just wanted to take some time to tell you what I've been working on, will be working on, and plans.

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I've been removing some more rough edges from the avoidance in general AI.

Core mechanics for dispatch to come over the radio and tell you crime is taking place (currently is just a radio tone since I have no voice acting at this time)

Basic foundation to get the dispatcher able to relay the location of the crime thats taken place.

Crime will now take place, then be reported on a range time scale (to simulate persons calling the police). The suspect could be long gone by the time Police Officers arrive, or still be activity robbing someone.

When your weapons now drawn, you'll give a order for hands up and a few other things. The game no longer pauses to make choices and keeps the player on his toes (only when his guns drawn. Options still appear for interaction when its away.) In the future suspects might pull a gun, might flee, or might try to ditch a small item (illegal drugs). It will be up to the player to react.

Next short term goals are simple.
Finish the ground work for giving dispatch the ability to tell the player where crime is taking place. I'm trying to avoid using a waypoint system to make it simple. Instead dispatch might say "On the corner of 29th and Long" - at which the player will either have to access his map if hes on foot and not sure of the area, or return to his car for the computer map with GPS.

Finish giving suspects random flee / fight attributes. Add in firearms.

Work on being able to search suspects for ID/Illegal items once Detained/Arrested.

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