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This post will go over a few points, 1. Game Activity/progress 2. Official title 3. Donation Acception

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Hello everybody, Lucasion here!

Me and my friend (DeemTown) has been working on this game for a while now and it seems to be going pretty well by now. Everything up until now has been fun to work with, Character designs, artwork, sounds, music and most importantly... the plot. me and Deem' are working really hard on getting this game to the finishline! We are only two people making it, so it'll take a while before it's done!

On that note; Let's get to the official title. The Official Name of this game is "Still alive"

I kidd' you not, it took us far too long to figure out a name for it, which is also why the IndieDB page was named "It's your fault" and "Currently Untitled".

The name of course has something to do with the plot... or does it? The game has also gotten a new short description "Sadness, Humor and revenge! A strategy based survival game."

Now, to the donation feature... I hate to be the one to do this; but we wanted to make a kickstarter, but because of reasons we are unable to make one. So i'll put one up on indieDB.


Every single donation will be put into game development to make the game even better.

Thank you everyone for your time!

-Lucasion (G-S)

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