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9 new vehicles, 22 new assets (Editor map) and more...

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Dear gamers,

1.10 is online. This update brings new content to the game.

- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced 4X4
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced Ambulance
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced ice cream truck
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced army truck
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced transport truck
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced camping-car
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced jail bus
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced big buggy
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced scooter
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced journalist van
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced civilian car
- Add: New vehicle - Reinforced elevated car
- Add: Editor map - 8 post-apo buildings
- Add: Editor map - 11 farm external elements
- Add: Editor map - 1 crane
- Add: Editor map - 2 towers
- Improve: Ranged weapons holster location
- Improve: Equiped Reinforced fire ax location
- Improve: Editor map - Load/Save map Menu close after use save or load
- Fix: Error assets location (Official map)
- Fix: Editor map - Foliage collision
- Fix: Editor map - Outline on asset could not work correctly with delete category

Previous updates:

- Add: Use your own Thumbnail to upload on Steam Workshop
- Add: Trail VFX attack on zombies
- Improve: Map Editor - Can edit loot when create
- Improve: Map Editor - Can edit location when create
- Improve: Scroolbar tracking UI
- Improve: Zombies spawn location
- Improve: Spawn player location
- Improve: Increase some scrollers UI size
- Improve: Upload Steam workshop buttons only visible if user connected to Steam
- Improve: Fook IK optimisation
- Fix: Some variables of vehicle could not save correctly
- Fix: Fook IK could not work correctly
- Fix: Some roof buildings
- Fix: Steam workshop - name of clothes selection
- Remove: Activities UI (could generate some freezes)

- Add: Motion blur enable/disable option
- Add: "Escape" key close all UI menus
- Improve: Companion creator UI - scrollers
- Improve: Companion creator UI - Buttons/Icons size
- Improve: Job creator UI - Buttons/Icons size
- Improve: Clothes editor - Use clothes only if main body is customisable
- Fix: Climb errors
- Fix: Companion creator UI - Could select others clothes before main body

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