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Post news RSS Update - 10/20/16 - Video Showcase Announcement

An update on why the video showcase won't be as expected or explained in the last post.

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Currently I'm working on trying to get some footage for the Video Showcase of what you can expect out of this mod. As of right now there are moments where the frames just kill the video and moments where it's completely fine. Because of this, the showcase may not be a thing. Instead we may upload a video segment of something new each day starting next Monday to continue through to the release day. One day may be a video of just general stuff likes sounds and ambiance. The other may be of one SCP, or anything else that just cuts off the corners to this awesome mod. Another update will follow on this whether it'll be a full on video showing off segments, or a shorter video each day. It seems as though I happen to be posting updates every couple of days, so expect another main update on 10/22.

Stay Tuned!


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