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An update where we present what we have done on Turf Wars since the last update.

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Rooftop 01

Added Graphics:

  • New map: Rooftop
  • Complete 20 piece modular building set
  • Radio Tower
  • Construction Crane
  • Barrel Pallet
  • Small detail props (box, flower pot and so on)
  • Updated Van texture
  • Shotgun
  • Desert Eagle Pistol
  • Molotov
  • Impact Grenade
  • Destructible props
  • Train Cart Spawn Point
  • More clothes variations to the gangsters
  • Small fixes all around

Added Technical Aspects:

  • Map Selection
  • Random Event Scripts
  • Moneybag Respawn
  • Many small fixes all around

We mostly polished everything we had and tried to get a complete beta version going with 3 different maps. Night time has also been added to the Train Yard map and will be added to Rooftop once it's completely done.

Working very hard to polish and get the mechanics done for the game so we can focus on content creation. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes and we'll try to be more frequent updating you guys on the latest stuff!

Until next time!
- Red Line Games

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