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Post news RSS UPDATE - 10/19/16 - Outsiders 3

Just wanted to inform you guys the games doing pretty well. I'm really excited for when you guys get to play it sometime next year.

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Hey guys! Edward here, just wanted to update you guys on the game. No, we're not dead, no, the game isn't cancelled, I just don't use IndieDB all that much. That's why there isn't to many updates. So, the game is doing great. I moved the release date to 2017 instead of Q4 2016. It's just the game has changed a lot since I first started it and it's going to take a little longer than expected and I don't want to rush it for Quarter 4 or it'll most like be garbage. I don't want that, you don't want that. As a solo game developer things take a while. I moved the games engine from RPG Maker VX Ace to the newly released RPG Maker MV. It adds more customization which I like and it's making the game even better. It also added a whole new settings menu which is something I'm so glad they finally did. I'll be releasing the Outsiders 3 Teaser v2.0 Update soon, which will have the whole new look of the new engine with the newer features and better texture graphics. The game's shaping up real nicely and I can't wait for you guys to play it next year. Have a great day!

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