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Post news RSS Update - 10/18/16 - More sounds and GFX

Another update concerning SCP:CB [KTB EDITION]. Some GFX, Music, and Sounds have been altered further more in the mod.

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As of today a lot more has been done with the mod. There are more visual changes (nothing super noticeable) and MANY more sound changes. This mod still serves the purpose as to keep the game half normal / vanilla, and the other half as wonky, random, weird, and or hilarious. We don't wanna completely overhaul the game, hence why this is more of an edition and not a straight up name change. Now onto what's been done.

MTF Guards

Kyle and I spent around 3-4 hours completely re-voicing over all the MTF sounds, commands, pretty much anything the MTF guards say once you enter the 'Entrance Zone', including the announcement for their arrival. Right now some of the sounds must either be higher in volume or toned down. You can hear them as usual, just some of what is said might require you turn up the volume a bit to hear it, and with a game like this, that isn't the best idea. So these will be changed.


Some more has been done to a few SCP's. Not to go into too much detail, but some may be faster, some may be taller, some may be slower, and some may be smaller. Including a few voice overs for the SCP's as well.

Video Showcase

Expected around next week, there will be a video showcasing what's been done to the game. Not everything will be shown, and I won't even say a good "chunk" will be shown but much more than what the demo video has up. You'll get to see some more GFX changes, SCP changes, and definitely some MTF changes. They will be shown in sections and will give everyone a much better idea of how this whole Edition plays out.

Stay Tuned everyone!

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