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Just two weeks ago AI Vendetta launched, it has been an exciting time for us and we are happy to announce the first update for you to unpack!

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Just two weeks ago AI Vendetta launched after several years of development. The run up to the release and the time after have been really exciting for us as we hope you have been (or will be) enjoying the game. We have of course also been playing the game and have been tinkering and tweaking it ever since. That is why today we want to announce the first update to the game to address some issues and improve the game further. Should you run into any issues or have feedback, be sure to let us know! Feel free to reach out to us here, on Steam or through our website with any questions or feedback!

Below is a list of all the changes for update 1.001, note: this list may contain spoilers! Don’t read any further if you don’t want to see spoilers for the game, but rest assured we are doing our very best to keep improving the game!

Updates 1.001:

  • Added version number to main menu page and home page.
  • Disabled controller input when Steam overlay is active.
  • Option menu items can now be unfocused by pressing B when playing with controller.
  • Controls-, Options-, Credits- and Level Select screens now exit/cancel when pressing ESC or the B button on controller.
  • Added destruction particles and sound effects for debris and protective energy shields.
  • The right trigger on controller can now be used for primary actions (shoot-, laser- & magnet ability) in addition to pressing the A button.
  • The left trigger on controller can now be used for secondary actions (long distance magnet ability) in addition to pressing the X button.
  • Proximity mine now has damage range indicator.
  • Fixed issue where a turret in level 3 of the first sector could not rotate correctly and wasn’t able to hit Proto at all angles.
  • Reduced Proto’s recovery time after using the Ground-Pound ability from 1.5 to 0.9 seconds.
  • Added dialog to level 2 of sector 3 to explain that Proto’s Ground-Pound ability can also break certain objects and can stun enemies for a short period of time.
  • The title screen now prompts to “Press any button to start” when a controller is connected, instead of “Press any key to start”
  • “Cannot transform” sound effect volume balanced.
  • Fixed “ammo depleted” sound effect not playing.
  • Fixed proximity mine explosion sound not playing.

    You can also read about this update on Steam.
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