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Post news RSS Update #10: Several New AI, environments, and progress galore!

In the tenth update to O'ink, we have a lot to discuss! Particularly by way of the AI and art!

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Ahoy all,

You thought we wouldn't hit the mark by releasing an update in August, didn't you? Well, we made that mark by a solid day! The month of August has been admittedly polarizing for the game. The beginning of the month didn't yield too much in terms of progress as we had a lot of issues with bugs within the system itself and spent a lot of time bug fixing. The funny thing about game development, which I'm sure all of you indie devs know, is that the more you add into a game the more things tend to break. A LOT has broken, but the cheery news is that MOST of that lot has been readily fixed!

Minor Pig is completed, but don't let him hog your attention

  • The Minor Pig enemy AI for the first level of the game is completed, save for a small few tweaks. He is classified as a range type enemy within the game. He is able to throw sticks of dynamite in rapid succession to the player, though once you dodge his boom sticks he shouldn't be too scary to defeat! Beware though, when multiple Minor pigs are in the same room. You'll surely have to be on your hoofs!
  • Currently Minor pig is able to...
    • Detect and pursue the player
    • Throw sticks of dynamite if the player is within a certain radius of him
    • Patrol within a set radius
    • Run and walk with variable speeds
    • Damage and kill the player
    • Be stunned and killed

Check out Minor Pig here. Don't worry, he isn't shy!

Miner Mule is also done!

  • If you thought that having one AI completed in this time was impressive, than look no further because we having something equally as impressive but slightly more glitch filled!
  • Miner Mule is within the spinning enemy type. This means that once he spots the player, he spins in rapid succession like a cyclone over to the player, inflicting damage. The only way to defeat him is through Max's Ground Slam Ability.
  • Currently, Miner Mule can perform the following...
    • Patrol the area with varying speeds
    • Detect and pursue the player
    • Perform his spin attack and inflict damage upon the player
    • Can kill the player within a few strikes
    • Can be killed through the Slam ability
    • Currently has walk, run, detected, attack, and death animations.

Miner Moose is a solid WIP!

  • This Moose is within the shield enemy type. To defeat him, you have to first stun him as he drops his shield. Upon him being stunned he can be hit and subsequently killed. The only ways to stun him are by hitting him with a projectile ( i.e. a box ) a by performing the charge ability directly into his haphazardly constructed shield!
  • As it stands, he still has a ways to go before he's included in the discussion for sexiest AI within the game.
  • He is able to...
    • Patrol a certain radius
    • Walk, run, stand idle, detect the player, pursue the player, be stunned, attacked, and killed.
  • The issues primarily persist in an ongoing camera issue as when he charges towards the player, the camera spazzes out. We're addressing this, though!

Art Assets, Music, and VFX

  • Throughout this month an astounding 34 models have been completed for the game! This ranges from new weapons, ability objects, environmental objects, and so much more!
  • We've also created eight new textures
  • Two new characters have also been modeled
  • Four new particle effects to improve the environment aesthetic have been added
  • Five new animations have been added to the game as well
  • Five new concept art pieces for the later portion of the game
  • Three new soundtracks have been added to the game as well.
  • Added several new test environments

Some of them can be previewed here!

unknown 1unknown 3


  • In addition to a slew of bug fixes and the AI, we've also added more of the following....
    • Breakable objects. Objects throughout the world can now be broken utilizing some or all of the abilities. Most notably will be the bridges that can be destroyed utilizing the slam ability to gain access to new areas below, or breakable walls that can be destroyed utilizing the charge ability. It's pictured below!
    • We've also added an easier, nicer looking UI for when the player dies and respawns.
    • Reworked the save and checkpoint system within the game
    • Added respawnable truffles
    • Fixed several issues with the functionalities of the different player abilities
    • Fixed glitches with the way in which enemies died
    • Added various damageable hazards within the worlds ( hazardous gas and fire, spikes )
    • Redid various enemy AI animator controllers for smoother animation transitions
    • Buffed enemy damage
    • Buffed enemy attack radius as well as a more reasonable hit box for the player.
    • Added truffle on kill rewards
    • Revamped the sound system to allow for dynamic sound effects and the integration of the smooth transitions between soundtracks and other audio sources.
    • Fixed and revamped the dialogue box.
    • Added working death animation for Miner Mouse
    • Created buttons which initiate actions such as doors and objects going up or down on trigger
      • Configured an option in which set conditions for when they trigger are present. As an example some buttons are only initiated by hitting them with a standard attack, whereas other are initiated by the ground slam ability. More configurations are in the works!

unknown 2

That's all for now!

  • A lot more is currently in the works and has been completed, but these are definitely some of the bigger things we've been able to complete for the month of August! Thank you for continuing to view these articles, download the builds, and supporting our development! We're that much closer to the November build!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for game footage and information! You can do so by clicking here.

Download: Not Yet Available

Click here to see the last update!


-The Crew

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