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This week a new video from the capture day showing taunts, the development of the terror emotion, some info about the current state of the game, and another project that is similar to our game.

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We have uploaded another video for you featuring some taunts (Flow Drills) we recorded. These will be unlocked over time when you get better at the game, and it's the way to show your skills. This will be the last motion capture video we will upload, unless your not tired of them yet we could do some more.

Also we’d like to thank GameShip for their great help and support setting this up and helping immensely on preparations and guidance. Be sure to contact them if you ever need any Motion Capture, Audio or Film related work done and if you're located near the Netherlands. And thank or follow them on Twitter (@GameShip).

The last making of is Terror, this has been a very tricky emotion. To make it look afraid and not scary as the big challenge, and even now I’m not totally sure we pulled this off correctly, the design will surely be modified further, to make it look more interesting before it gets made in 3D.

Terror Character

For the rest we don’t have a lot to show next to the Terror concepts as the time, development has been somewhat slow. This is due to the fact we have no funding, and are running on fumes for some time now. We are currently still working part time on the project getting to do lists done, and figuring out how to get real sword fighting techniques to function properly using buttons.

The overall goal of this project right now is to make a polished prototype that shows the sword fighting mechanics. The game is fully multiplayer focussed, aiming to be competitive, similar to an E-sport, and promoting sword fighting as a sport.

Most of you here might have heard about Clang, a project by Neal Stephenson on kickstarter. He is working on something similar to this project, making use of sword fighting techniques in games. The use of motion controls, and a medieval setting is what makes it different from our project. But overall we are both working on something that will promote sword fighting. If you like this project please donate to Clang on kickstarter and help them build this.

We are trying to get in contact with Neal so expect an update on that.

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