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The 10th installment of updates for the Battle for Dune mod! go to www.battlefordune.co.uk for more!

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Hi and welcome to update 10, thats right, number 10 already... time sure does fly!

Bullet has been working away again on some more Ordos buildings, i swear the guy is a machine!

Take a look!

Ordos Warfactory
User Posted Image
Ordos Starport
User Posted Image

R34ch is the latest member of the BfD Team!

He has been busily working away on a map for us!

Check it out!

[url="Fwclan.co.uk a wasteland[/url]
[url="Fwclan.co.uk a beautiful glow[/url]
[url="Fwclan.co.uk fight![/url>

reborn has been very busy at work on our Level Edit and it is complete!

FW Productions site is up!

Go check it out at [url="Productions.fwclan.co.uk"]http:>

Whats the team been upto?

cnc95fan has been working hard at school for exams

reborn has been coding away as always

Bullet has been short work of our buildings (hes really a machine)

dtrngd has been teaching me how to map

and i have been writing my CV and learning how to map ^_^

That was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime,  tartar!

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