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First update of Not Dead Enough. In this update, we talk about the Third person controller, zombie model, and building generation programmed by Levi Graham. Model done by Mark Benitez.

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Hey guys, I'm proud to say that we have an update for Not Dead Enough (NDE) for the first time on IndieDB! First off, I would like to think everyone who has contributed to the game, because when I first thought of this idea, I had no idea that we would come this far. Second off, please comment on our page (either the game or our company page) with feedback. It can be good or bad, but we love feedback, as it helps progress the game. Today we have a couple things that you as fans can interact with so you can test out stuff and give it feedback.

First off, we have a third person controller as well as a building generation gameplay, and you can test it out! NOTE: ALL MODELS ARE PLACEHOLDERS, AS WELL AS TERRAIN. ANOTHER NOTE: THE GAME WILL TOGGLE BETWEEN 3RD AND 1ST PERSON. Dl.dropbox.com
If you tried it out, you can see that the building will change each time you restart the web player. We also want feedback on the controller.

We also have a zombie partially done. You can check out the pic in the gallery. It's only the head so far. Still will be doing touchups, then hair. Then he will do body, extra details, then he does texture. He is going to do a 5 layer texture for a great look. He is also going to make it more "fleshy" and decomposed.

Thanks for reading guys, like I said, please leave comments in the comments section, we love feedback, good or bad, and stay tuned for more updates soon! Thanks!

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