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After testing our game with people, we received some good feedback and decided to completely redo the way the player's troops follow their path.

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Hello everyone welcome to our first update.

After we introduced our game here, two weeks ago, we spent some time testing it with people. And to our surprise the most common feedback was how the paths felt restrictive and that the amount of strategy was minimal due to it.


They expressed that having multiple paths was pointless since it was possible to win both ways. However we if only made one path the way to victory it presented some game design problems such as balancing and the game becoming more like a puzzle in trying to find the "right" answer.

With this in mind we were faced with a dilemma. How could we fix the pathing system to allow the player to have multiple choices and still require some amount of strategy and thinking to be able to beat it without having only one solution?

So we went back to the drawing board, and brain stormed over a few days, completely restarting from scratch. The end result was having a map with multiple open paths, with several way points spread out in it, where the player is the one who picks where his units will spawn and what way they follow, basically drawing out his desired path.

CreatePathLinear CompressedCreatePathNotLinear Compressed

To explain in more detail, after the player forms his squad, he'll be shown all the way points where he'll pick where they spawn and then he can either just click the final way point on the enemy base, and his units will go in a straight line for it (avoiding obstacles and walls of course...), or he can pick a detailed path avoiding all the dangers and minimizing his losses to maximize his gains.

CreatePathLinearTowers CompresseCreatePathNotLinearTowers Compre

Thanks for reading and following along, have a happy week and stay safe!


Wow, that's a great approach! Well done!

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