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Update on the progress on Tank City. Added gameplay video, graphic and sound effect and some improvements.

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Well, it was 2 months since I added Tank City here, on IndieDB. Since I was on vacation with low access to the Internet, I couldn't prepare as much material as I wanted to, only few screens and some text which shows how it looks but doesn't really shows how it plays.

Updates since the last time:

  • Few effects (tank explosions an bullet explosions)
  • Slighly better HUD and bricks
  • Sound effects
  • Powerup system finalized

Since I'm doing it alone, visible updates will probably come fairly slow, mainly due to art - it's pretty hard to me to make anything that looks decent. For example, I'll need to draw the main menu screen myself to replace current black-screen-with-title-and-selections.

So, for the gameplay demo, I played Level 1 in the single player mode. It doesn't show everything, but I hope it gives general idea. Music in the video is not part of the game, and I'm fully aware that it might not be the best choice.

Powerups, for now, spawn in fixed time intervals after last one is collected and pernament ones persist through the levels. After certain time powerup was on the field (for now it's 15 seconds), green border turns to red and enemies can pick them up.
Multiplayer plays the same way on one keyboard, but with doubled amount of enemies on screen.

neutronio - - 199 comments

:D the explosion animation came out pretty good here

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