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Hey guys! We want to keep you posted, so you can expect small updates from time to time. Our plan was to wait a bit more before the first update, but we are quite overwhelmed by all the attention our little project got, lots of people reached out for us, asking about a lot of things. So here we are, ready to answer some of the most common questions we got.

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Why is there so little information about the game?.-

We didn't want to flood you with all the info right on the first day, but our plan is to keep you posted and have a kind of open-development. We'll keep releasing small updates once a month(AT LEAST). The next one will be released before December ends.

I read on RPS that I can control the city, but I've also read that's not the case somewhere else.-

Yep, that's our fault, let me explain this. In "A place for the Unwilling" you'll control a single person, but we said that "the city would be the actual protagonist" because it's the focus of the game(from a narrative perspective), not you as a character, but the city as a whole, and we even gave it a voice.

Thing is that a few websites thought we meant you would control the city (which is perfectly reasonable). While all this happened we were away showcasing our games, when we came back a few days later, it was a bit too late to start mailing everyone to change the info. Sorry for the confusion.

So the game is going to be focused on narrative, but it's a three-people team (composer, artist and designer/programmer/PR). Are they going to pay enough attention to the story?.-

Narrative is our main focus, and we really want to write a good story, that's why we have been helped by professional writers from the very beginning. The team might get a bit bigger on the following months (can't confirm anything right now), we'll keep you posted. And don't worry about translation either, there will be someone else doing the English translation once we're in a later development stage haha.

When is it going to be released? Can I have a build NOW? On which platforms?.-

We can't set a release date, but it's not likely to be released before 2017, so no builds for now. About platforms, PC (windows, mac and linux) is the only one confirmed right now. There might be more but we'll have to wait.

So... I read the whole thing but I still have no clue of how gameplay is going to be.-

We'll explain it in more detail soon, but think of an isometric adventure game, no point and click, you'll have direct control over your character. Everyday there are things you need to do (a job), but you're free to do your tasks as you want. You can explore the city and talk to everyone, each day people will have a different routine and there will be several events taking place that you can see or miss. You interact with the world through dialogue and, sometimes, using objects (but not like in traditional point & click games).

Your previous game was a black & white puzzle game with no text, why did you start something like "A Place for the Unwilling"?.-

Even when "Missing Translation" is the only "big" project AlPixel Games has published, we are always making games, lots of them (mostly on game jams), and we like to experiment and try every genre out there. We love adventure game, and we wanted to make something different to "Missing Translation", that's how this new project was born.

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