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This is an update regarding the progress and production of Unknown Entity.

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Finally, the next update has been finished. This has been a tough last few days, due to the way lighting has been working out. The new lighting system (Enlighten I believe) is extremely buggy and very slow in Unity 5 right now. After working solely with the lighting for 3 days, trying to use a new system of lighting in the game now with self-emitting materials in walls (rather than wall-lamps which lagged due to the amount of point-lights), bypassing the bugs and weird and batch baking (doing it all at once makes it freak out and refuse to work) for a long time, the lighting is a lot more appealing and less laggy. There are new camera effects and other graphical add-ons/changes. There are new controls you can use (toggling night vision, toggling perspective/motion blur effects, and toggling flashlight*). The buildings now have 3D walls (I apologize for that - I don't know why I made them flat at first; it's a very ignorant thing to do). There are also new animations and particles (particles will be tweaked/edited in the future - used some basic stuff for now). The game still does not have much to do, as there are still currently no AIs. However, feel free to download to see where the game is going and get a feel for it before Alpha, which will be the next release (the first hopefully to contain some AIs and gameplay).

Updates soon to come
-Lightling (creator of Light_Studios & Unknown Entity)

If you have any problems with the game, please email contactlightstudios@gmail.com .

| Game Site: Goo.gl | L_S Site: Goo.gl | Download this update: Indiedb.com | Don't forget to follow @ Facebook.com

*Note - A typo in the changelog states that the flashlight is disabled, but this was in an earlier state of the version before a script to toggle it was added. Typo will be fixed for Alpha 1.0.0
Additional notes: another typo states that sparks were added to the broken lights in the air control tower, which is incorrect. Fixed for Alpha 1.0.0 | The credits button is un-interactable on accident for IND 1.2.0 - there was a problem with a level that was fixed towards the end of the update, but the button that took you to the scene was forgotten about. Fixed for Alpha 1.0.0. | The help.odt states that the game "will" support both 32 and 64-bit, but it SHOULD support both now, as it is exported to 32-bit (which by current technology runs on both). If there are problems, please notify me. This textual error will be fixed for Alpha 1.0.0.

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