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New version 0.6.6 available! Now you can select your enemy in most maps

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Update 0.6.6 is finally here.

The main change in this update is that now you are able to select your enemy in most maps.


Each map has one or more recommended enemies: the original enemy team intended for that map. If you don't follow it... well, it may be dangerous . Also, before the map selection, you can set the difficulty and the arcade mode:


Finally, the network code has been updated and is now using the Mirror library. It has been tested on a local environment (Cable vs Wifi) and on the Internet and it is working better than ever!

Check the changelog for the rest of news!

Full changelog


  • Migrated to Unity 2018.4.0f1 LTS

  • Updated network code to Mirror library

  • Watchman and guards are now pikeman

  • The knife is now available at the begining of the game for modern characters

  • Backward walking speed reduced

  • Added dinosaur boss

  • Added game mode settings panel before map selection

  • Added arcade mode setting and difficulty selection to game mode settings panel

  • Added enemy army selection panel: army of darkness, dinosaurs invasion, medieval army, medieval bandits, medieval crusade, modern army, spiders, zombie invasion

  • Übertank limited to one unit

  • Medieval Defense map redesigned

  • Flamethrower cost lowered to 1000

  • Flamethrower soldier cost lowered to 700

  • Gunner cost lowered to 150

  • Poisonous stalker spawn rate lowered

  • Removed Jessica playable character

  • Removed old Depth of Field effect

  • Removed hell difficulty option

  • Removed wandering effect of vehicles after end game

  • Level requirement of M249, flamethrower and fireball spell set to 2

  • Level requirement of Anti-tank, meteor (superweapon) and grenade launcher set to 3


  • Fixed dinosaurs on network

  • Fixed reload action while shoting

  • Fixed normal difficulty on network

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