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Into the Radius brings a big list of improvements.

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Today we have an update that brings in a big list of improvements thanks to the feedback we've received.

We're also doing a small release of keys through our Discord

Whats new:

  • The team has made substantial changes to the game, and highly recommend that you start a new game to prevent unplanned anomalies.

  • New game renderer to Deffered (experimental) We expect to gain a little bit of performance, to use more graphical features like SSR on the water. Fonts may appear less readable and a bit more blurry at default rez. Let us know how do you feel about it!

  • The vest is now working with IK and supports leaning to the sides and forward. We've started preliminary work for Full body IK

  • WMR support works with thumbstick movement

  • All controls have been changed to SteamVR system, so players can rebind and configure controls in SteamVR options. But for now, we had to sacrifice Left/Right control schemes. Left-handed players can rebind the keys as they wish (sorry for the inconvenience.)

  • Weapon controls for Oculus Rift is bound to buttons, the Thumbstick only deals with rotation.

  • Improved weapon holding angles on all controllers.

  • New holster mechanic - When dropped near holster, items go to it. When dropped further away they just drop, we've removed the redundant bind/unbind.

  • New Backpack - Now the backpack is more similar to items and must be dropped to put items inside. Now players can use both hands to operate inventory.

  • New Wrist Menus - When turned, your hands display a small menu where players can open the game menu, toggle item Info, or unlock weapon attachments to prevent accidental removal.

  • Water - Now players can't stay underwater for a long time, your walking speed is also reduced.

  • Sounds - Items now make impact sounds depending on the surface. Most of the time you will hear that you dropped something.

  • Lots of work under the hood to support upcoming features.

  • Lots of Bug Fixes!

  • Supposedly fixed multiple crashes and an elusive bug with randomly disabled UI -distance grip interaction.
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