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Update for the development of the visual novel 'Up until the end' (03/03/2019)

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Hi there!

Finally, I can say : I finished testing the game myself and I sent the game to my first betatester !!
While he’s testing it, I’ll take some time to polish some background and CG ( there’s ALWAYS something to polish >< )

So, when the first betastester will have finished, I’ll search some persons willing to test/proofread the full game.
If you already want to be part of the betatesting/proofreading team, send me an email at : letigamevisualnovel@gmail.com
It can take a few weeks before the testing version will be ready for the next betatesters/proofreaders.
I’ll do an announcement for that when it will be time :)

The progress so far:
Story : 100%
Sprites : 100%
Backgrounds : 95%
CG : 95%
GUI : 100%
Sounds and Music : 100%
Programming : 100%
Proofreading: 98%
Betatesting : 0%
Edit after betatesting : 0%

As always, thank you for your support and patience, I know that I’m taking a while to finish the game.

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