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Post news RSS Medieval Engineers - Update 02.070 - Area building, playability improvements

Update 02.070 has been released! Area building, playability improvements and more...

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Update 02.070: Hello Engineers! This week we are returning area building to the game and bringing you several improvements to game playability. From now on, when you build, resources will be taken from nearby chests and barrels. To use area building, you first have to ensure that you have a direct line of sight to the containers with materials. These containers also have to be within range.

We have new thumbnails this week - they now better suit the Medieval Engineers style. Inventory multipliers were also redesigned, and have been changed to 0.5x, 1x and 2x bigger. We have increased material production, so now you will craft 4 round/square timbers or 15 wooden sticks from one log. Hammer issues have been fixed - when you are building a block, you will no longer see damage decals. Also, the hammer no longer attacks blocks, preventing you from accidentally destroying a block instead of building it.

Developer's note: Today's Medieval Engineers update is on a new stable (and default) branch on Steam. No action is needed from players - you can access it as usual. Take a look at Marek's latest blog for more details about this, the Keen Software House team structure, and new Medieval Engineers leadership: Blog.marekrosa.org

Full list of new features and fixes: Forums.keenswh.com

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