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Update 02.062 has been released! Inventory slot system, bug fixes and more...

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Update 02.062: This week we are introducing a new slot system for inventories. This will help make inventories better organized, more intuitive and it will also speed up the construction itself. Each item can be stacked up to a specific amount. For example, you can have 30 berries in one slot, but for timbers and stones you can only stack up to 5 pieces per slot. These changes replace the old inventory methods which were limited by mass and volume. Also, with this new approach to inventories, the area inventory is no longer needed.
Players can set the number of slots in their inventories via the multiplier in the world options. The number of slots in other containers, such as chests, barrels, crafting tables or bonfires, will not be affected by the world settings. We also changed controls within inventories together with the slot system.


Full list of new features and fixes:Forums.keenswh.com

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