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Post news RSS Medieval Engineers - Update 02.056 - Critical Stamina Indicator, Quick equip for torches

Update 02.056 has been released! Critical stamina indicator, quick equip for torches and bug fixes.

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This week we applied some changes to the stamina system and how it will affect combat.

We added a vertical line in the Stamina bar showing the critical value. This value has several functions. If the value is below 25, your attacks will not deal as much damage, attack damage given is reduced by 50% and successful block will block only 70% of taken damage, so the rest of the damage will be applied to your character when you are blocking.

When you hit someone or block someone's attack, stamina regeneration will drop significantly for 5 seconds.

Another change for stamina is that when you are sprinting, it will deplete all the stamina after some time. And you have to wait till the stamina recharges to more than the critical value to start sprinting again. If your stamina drops below critical value, you won't be able to flee quickly from a fight.

We also changed the behavior of torches. Now you can press L key to equip the torch into hands. The same key will unequip the torch and equip the last item you equipped on your toolbar.

Full list of new features and fixes: Forums.keenswh.com

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