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Version 0.18 is out! See changelog for more details.

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Update 0.18 is out and comes with some neat improvements and bugfixes.
I've extended two new fonts, the first font is used for the HUD so that (if you don't use default control keys) the chosen control keys are shown. This font is also used on the ocarina surface. The second font is used to show the location name. Each time you enter a new location in Zeldamon the location name is shown a while. Also, escape button is back again and asks if you want to quit the game and the last resolution is saved if you quit the game.

Changelog 0.18(11th September, 2016):

  • Custom control keys are showed on HUD if default control keys have been changed (Controls can be changed in settings.ini, not implemented ingame yet)
  • XBOX controller keys are showed on HUD as well if XBOX controller is plugged in
  • Control help added if player is creating new slot
  • Zone names are displayed in adventure maps now
  • If you press Escape, the game asks if you want to end the game
  • Last resolution used is saved now in settings.ini
  • Changed background color of game informations
  • Better HUD integration during menu gamestate
  • FIXED BUG: Ice blocks doesn't melt and just disappears
  • FIXED BUG: Crash during title screen if other graphical applications are open
  • FIXED BUG: Hearth surface is shown wrong if other graphical applications are open
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